Recent Assignments

Interim CFO of a distressed $75 million aluminum recycling business.  Managed working capital, negotiated terms with trade vendors, developed turnaround plan and worked to restructure senior debt.

Restructuring consultant to a $150 million distressed insurance services company.  Assisted private equty firm in acquiring the Company's debt - and subsequently the equity - at a substantial disocunt.  Completed due diligence, developed and initiated a comprehensive turnaround plan, managed working capital.
Due diligence consultant for a potential acquisition of a $125 million automotive services company.  Validated historical financial results, created restated accrual-basis financial statements, developed a detailed analysis of key financial metrics.  

Financial consultant to a $300 million steel mini-mill.  Assisted in issuing $175 million of public debt and in effecting a $250 million initial public equity offering. Coordinated work of two auditing firms, prepared financial sections of offerring documents, addressed SEC comments, supported underwriters in the marketing process.   

Interim CFO of a $70 million contract manufacturer.  Rationalized expenses, managed constrained liquidity, created business plan, assisted in restructuring bank loan and recruited permanent CEO and CFO.

Due diligence consultant in support of an acquisition of a $150 million eyewear distributor.  Evaluated customer profitability, validated historical results and future business plans.  Supported lenders due diligence process.

Due diligenceconsultant  in support of an acquisition of a $50 million distributor of promotional products.  Supported purchase during 363 sale, assessed risks and validated histroical financial statements and plans.  

Restructuring consultant for a $100 million in sales distributor of manufacturing components. Redcued debt by over 60% and raised $9 million in new capital.

Sold a fishing equipment and nautical lifestyle cataloger to a large competitor and to a major yacht builder.

Due diligence consultant for evaluation of a store-based specialty retailer and cataloger for a private equity firm. Established business plan and developed expectations.

Restructuring consultant for a technology services provider for a private equity firm.

Due diligence consultant for acquisition of an office furniture cataloger by a corporate gift business and the subsequent three-way merger with a strategic partner.

Restructuring bank debt for a large agricutural cooperative. Represented bank group. Evaluated Company's business plan and assisted in negotiations.

Strategic planning and capital raising for a supplier of golf course agronomic products.

Acquisition and capital raising for the CEO of a gift cataloger. Developed indication of interest to purchase the Company from its parent.

Planning and acquisition and diversitures for a direct marketer of horticulture products. Explored several acquisitions and developed business plan.