Capabilities and Services

Profit Improvement and Expense Reduction

AppleTree assists companies in identifying where they are making money and where they are losing money.  We segment a client's business to identify customer and product line profitability.  This enables us to work with our clients to eliminate, redesign or reprice unprofitable lines of business while helping our clients focus their resources on their most productive products and customer relationships.

AppleTree identifies the appropriate level of headcount and operating expenses needed to support existing revenues and specifically identifies expense savings opportunities.  AppleTree works with client management to implement the savings through process improvement, employee retraining and systems enhancements.  

Liquidity Management

AppleTree assists clients in improving liquidity and accurately forecasting cash requirements.  We implement accounts receivable collection programs, manage trade vendor relationships including negotiating improved terms and identify ways to defer cash expenditures.  AppleTree develops integrated and accurate cash forecasting tools and working capital management mechanisms.   

Financial Restructuring

AppleTree assists companies in restructuring their balance sheets to match their earnings potential. Often times in today's marketplace it becomes neccessary to significantly reduce or restructure a company's debts in order for the business to remain viable and return value to its owners. AppleTree assists owners in identifying ways to significantly reduce debt to match a company's current cash flow and value.

In partuclar, AppleTree develops a realistic business plan, including working capital requirements, negotiates with existing senior and unsecured creditors and assists in securing new sources of capital. AppleTree also assists companiues in recouping the value of under-utilized assets and divisions.  In order to protect the ongoing value of the client's business AppleTree endeavors, if possible, to implement these restructurings without resorting to bankruptcy protection. 

Merger Integration

AppleTree assists clients with integrating new acquisitions.  We focus on integrating the finance, administrative and operating functions of the new acquisition into the clients existing company in a manner that does not interupt the timely flow of financial information and support services.  AppleTree focuses on identifying and implementing expense savings and efficiency improvements to significantly reduce costs.  

Acquisition, Divestiture and Capital Raising

Middle market businesses can use strategic acquisitions as a way to achieve scale and improved profitability. AppleTree can assist companies in identifying appropriate acquisitions, developing business plans, conducting due diligence, negotiations and obtaining needed debt and equity financing.

AppleTree also assists owner-managers in merging or selling their businesses. AppleTree can find the most appropriate partners through highly targeted and discrete marketing.